Prodotti Stella’s “All Natural” line is a selection of products for artisanal ice cream shops. Created in 2004, it currently presents more than 100 items in the catalog, including ice cream bases (in cream, fruit and fancy flavors), toppings and decorations. Each and every “All Natural” product meets extremely strict criteria so as to satisfy the growing attention to wellness and constant demand for quality (particularly re raw materials) on the part of consumers in respect of the highest standards of responsibility and transparency. That’s why “All Natural” products have no:

On the basis of the results of a market trend that finds today’s consumer to be ever more interested in genuineness, in 2021 Prodotti Stella decided to launch the “Membership All Natural” project. It is geared to customers who not only choose to invest in the natural product line; they also embrace the philosophy behind it, accepting the challenge to encourage consumers to ask more and more for totally natural products, even when it comes to ice cream.

How? Through four targeted measures at the level of communicative and promotional strategy. By stipulating the Membership contract, the gelateria (ice cream shop) gets included in a dedicated WEBAPP, a tool able to both furnish all info about the product and give visibility to the gelateria per se, also by means of a quick handy store locator. In addition, every gelateria that agrees to participate in the project receives a communication campaign budget to use for individual promotional activities on local channels (print newspapers, billboards, online, radio, social media, etc.) depending on specific needs of that particular ice cream shop. This communication activity is also backed up directly at the shop by expressly designed POP materials. Namely, personnel uniforms, storefront and counter top objects and the like all highlight the effective genuineness of the product in an impactful and coordinated way.

To conclude, as confirmation of the good intentions that go hand in hand with the good quality of the raw materials, every gelateria taking part in the Membership All Natural project will be entitled to an annual subscription to the Too Good to Go platform, an app created to reduce food waste. What it does is allow businesses to offer at symbolic tiered prices fresh products that are unsold at the end of the day. Thus merchants reduce waste and new customers get to try such products.

By making the most of this earnest initiative, the “Membership All Natural” project aims to fulfill a three-year growth plan on a national scale. After the first 100 gelaterie which signed up in 2021, now Prodotti Stella is hoping to get a total of 500 onboard by the end of 2023. As in: a stunning array of ice cream shops throughout Italy able to offer a genuine, authentic product, truly “All Natural” in every way.




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